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Sumita’s Guide for the “No-Makeup Makeup” Look

The ‘No Makeup-Makeup’ look is a girl’s best friend. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty with minimal effort and a few essential products. You can also skip on using your brush collection, because the only brush you’ll need is the Sumita Cosmetics Multi-Task brush. You’ll be applying all face makeup with clean fingers for that natural glow and effortless style. The small makeup bag you’ll need to create a ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ look makes this especially great for summer and when you fly off to your next exotic vacation destination. Here are our steps for creating a look that truly enhances your natural beauty.


A ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ look starts with a great skin care routine for glowing skin. Make sure to always remove all makeup before bed. Use Sumita Cosmetics Makeup Remover Wipes as a first defense against blemishes and remove all eye and face makeup before using your favorite cleanser; this helps insure all traces of makeup and dirt is completely removed. Follow with a hydrating anti-oxidant filled moisturizer to nourish and repair your skin while sleeping.

In the morning, sip on a glass of lemon water before drinking coffee to internally hydrate your skin. Then wash away all night-time serums and moisturizers for a fresh base. Next apply a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF all over your face to even out skin tone. Treat any unsightly blemishes with a little bit of concealer. Youthful radiant skin is supple and dewy, so practice restraint and skip powder.


Cream blushes are best for ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ looks because they blend into the skin for a healthy rosiness. Warm peach blushes and soft pinks are best for recreating that happy inner glow. Avoid blushes with a blue or cool undertone as these tend to look more dramatic. Apply the cream blush with your fingers to the apple of your cheeks. Without full contour, you can still enhance your cheekbones with a little highlighter. Draw a light line on the cheek bones with the Sumita Cosmetics Brow Highlighter pencil and using your finger blend the line into the blush.


To enhance the natural contours of your eyes, all you need is the Sumita Cosmetics Brow Powder Duo, Kohl Eyeliner Pencil, and Mascara. Each brow powder duo has two natural shades, using the lighter color in the duo place the powder all over your eyelid and crease. Avoid placing powder under your brow area as it will create an un-natural uniform look. Next using the Sumita Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in grey or brown, draw a thin line along the upper lash line. Taking the angled brush end of the Multi-Task brush, smudge the liner by dragging the brush along the line and slightly wing out the eyeliner. Next follow with two light coats of mascara. Your eyes will look naturally open, awake, and only you will know it’s because of a little makeup.


Brows frame your face, so for a perfect ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ look your brows need to be well groomed. Make sure you’re having your brows threaded by a Sumita Professional every three to four weeks. This will ensure your brows will look their best, even when you skip on filling them in. For this look use Sumita Cosmetics Brow Wax and run the pencil along the brow hairs. Next brush your brows with the Sumita Multi-Task brush for the brow hairs to lay down in their natural shape. And that’s it! If you must fill-in your brows, opt for a pencil versus powder as it will give a more natural appearance.

We love that our products can be used in multiple ways to create the perfect makeup look for you. Our line of brow and eye cosmetics are truly multi-faceted, like how we used the Brow Highlighter for face contouring and the Brow Powder Duo as a quick eyeshadow. How are you using Sumita Cosmetics?

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