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Sumita Cosmetics at CosmoProf: From Italy to Vegas

With CosmoProf Vegas on the horizon, we are ecstatic to share with you the response we received from the international beauty market during CosmoProf Bologna in March. As it’s the hottest category in beauty right now, people were excited and intrigued by Sumita Cosmetics specialization in eyes and brows. Our displays radiant white and bold gold highlights captured the attention of passing attendees. Inviting people into explore and be introduced to Sumita Cosmetics complete concept.

At our booth, we were able to interact with women from all over the world and give them the Sumita experience. Setting us apart from the current eye and brow market, we acquainted attendees with our proprietary education that accompanies the Sumita Eye & Brow bar. Hosting threading demos, we consistently drew curious crowds as this brow shaping technique is still new to the European market. Women walked away from our booth more confident. Bringing out their inner beauty through our artistry is what inspires and drives us to provide this unique luxury experience to more people.

An experience that resonated with distributors and buyers from around the world, and who responded with a strong interest in the Sumita line. Professional and consumers alike were impressed with our beautiful packaging, displays, and the marketing that’s been developed to support the brand. We couldn’t be more satisfied and thrilled with our time at CosmoProf Bologna, and hope you continue to join us on our journey through CosmoProf Vegas in July!