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Sumita Brow Bar Experience

The cosmetic industry and consumer interest on brows has been on the rise. Unfortunately brow services have yet to evolve with this growing interest and are rarely found in the luxury spa environment they deserve. Instead a client is having a service done at a mall kiosk or is sitting in a department store chair between cosmetic counters. Sumita Eye & Brow Bars position ourselves to be in the professional salon environment. A destination for the educated and beauty conscious client, Sumita Eye & Brow Bar’s trained brow artist will contour and inform their clients on the best brow shape for their face.

The salon industry is projected to grow and see salon customers spending more on higher value services like facials, manicure, and hair modification services. [i] The Sumita Eye & Brow Bar builds out the salon experience to meet consumers’ expectations and demands. A loyal brow client visits the salon 3 times more often than the non-brow client, and spends twice as much on services and products. Each visit giving the salon the opportunity to introduce the client to new products, services, and upcoming events.

Sumita Eye & Brow Bars are sleek, chic, and efficient. A station for the brow artist, but also a beautiful display for the Sumita Cosmetics professional eye and brow line. The Sumita Eye & Brow bar is designed to be integrated into the salon experience while not distracting from the other services taking place. It will be an extension of the quality and luxury experience one expects from their salon visit.

Beauty Salon Business Overview & Trends, 2014