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Introducing: Sumita Cosmetics Tubing Mascara

Welcome to the Sumita Cosmetics beauty blog. To mark the launch of our brand-new cosmetics line, we’re excited to share with you an especially innovative addition to our product line-up.

Sumita Cosmetics’ new tubing mascara boasts a special long-wear formula, guaranteed to last for 24 hours without a single smudge or smear. After application, the mascara creates tiny micro tubes that shrink-wrap around each individual lash to provide a perfect finish. When you are ready to take it off, the mascara comes off easily with warm water, no makeup remover required! We developed this formula to last day and night, while still being gentle on the delicate eye area.

This all-star product will lengthen, define, and add incredible volume to your lashes, staying put through rain, sweat and tears. Our mascara can even be used as a sealant to provide 360-degree coverage over any other mascara, or to add extra volume to lash extensions. No more worrying about raccoon eyes, this amazing technology gives your lashes dramatic definition that lasts.

Mascara is an essential beauty product for any eye-defining look, and our latest innovation is sure to be the new must-have in your makeup bag. Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and be sure to visit our blog often to get the latest in products, trends, and brand updates.

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