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A Guide to Shaping Brow by Face Shape

Brows are crucial when it comes to enhancing one’s facial structure. A list of Photoshopped celebrities without brows is a great example to help understand how much a person’s face can transform with different or this case no brows. Sumita brow professionals are trained to identify their client’s particular face shape and contour the perfect brow to complement their facial structure. There are 6 basic facial shapes; round, long, square, heart, diamond, and oval. Each facial structure has a basic outline for the brow shape, see below if your brows are following our general guide.

ROUND – Those with a round face should have a brow with a high arch, as the arch makes the face appear longer.

LONG – A long face should have brows that are more flat with a minimal arch, this helps to accentuate the width of a long face and balances the symmetry.

SQUARE – The angular jawline of a square face can be softened with an angular brow. Have the arch of the brow mirror the widest part of the jaw as it adds balance and symmetry to a square face.

HEART – A general rule for a heart shaped face is to opt for a soft rounded arch to balance the delicate jawline. Depending on the pointiness of ones chin, can determine whether the brow should be long or short.

DIAMOND – The narrow hairline matched with a narrow jawline and wide center part of the face, calls for a round curved brow. The curved brow softens the face and narrows the widest part to create the illusion of an oval face.

OVAL – An oval face can handle any brow shape as it’s the most naturally symmetrical. A soft or high arch can both fit an oval face, but it’s always best to start by following the brows natural shape.

Trusting a brow professional takes all the guess work out of determining your face shape. Our proprietary education trains beauty professionals in the art of threading and our elite certification ensures your brows are in the hands of an expert. After your brows are professionally threaded revisit our above guidelines and tell us what your face shape is on your favorite social media site.